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Kyle Kuzma of the Los Angeles Lakers gave the TV announcers, and the entire Golden State Warriors bench, something they may have never seen before: an airballed technical foul free-throw attempt.

During second quarter of the Lakers’ win over the Warriors on Monday night, Kuzma attempted a free throw on a technical foul that didn’t just miss, it really, really missed. It missed the rim, it missed the backboard, it missed everything. The commentators calling the game were pretty sure they’d never seen anyone airball a free throw like that before — ever — but the reaction from the Warriors bench was even better. They totally lost their minds. Draymond Green ended up full-out cackling on the sideline.

The Warriors’ bench after the air ball 💀 💀 💀

— Warriors on NBCS (@NBCSWarriors) March 16, 2021

It doesn’t look like anyone on the Warriors had ever seen an airballed technical foul free-throw before, either. In case you haven’t, here are a few more angles.

[email protected] is gonna have some fun talking to @kylekuzma about this one 😂

— Warriors on NBCS (@NBCSWarriors) March 16, 2021

One of the studio analysts didn’t think the Warriors bench was right to react that way to the free throw, saying, “Look at the score.” While the Warriors did end up losing 128-97, they were only down by 10 when Kuzma made that hilariously Los Angeles Lakers Jerseys China awful free-throw attempt. But honestly, it shouldn’t matter if they were leading or losing by 10 or losing by 30. It’s their right as human beings to have an exaggerated, outsized reaction when they see something silly, and it will continue to be their right until the NBA makes it illegal for losing teams to have fun.

Kuzma blamed an earthquake
Kuzma’s free-throw airball was pretty memorable, so he was asked about it during his postgame media session. Kuzma must have been thinking about how to explain that, and he had a doozy of an answer.

Kyle Kuzma on air-balling the technical foul FT: “San Francisco had a 3.5 magnitude earthquake. Shit started rumbling. I don’t know. I got scared, and it went far off to the left.”

— Jovan Buha (@jovanbuha) March 16, 2021

That’s right: Kuzma blamed an earthquake for his worst-ever free-throw attempt. With the game being played in San Francisco, that’s not a bad excuse. If it was perhaps the early 1800s, before we had the technology to measure earthquakes, it was possible he could have gotten away with it.

Unfortunately for Kuzma, it’s 2021 and we can find out if there’s been an earthquake by checking a website or Twitter. According to the SF QuakeBot Twitter feed, there haven’t been any earthquakes that powerful in the San Francisco area in the past several days. Kuzma didn’t offer an alternate explanation, but if he wants to blame something ridiculous that can’t possibly be checked, he could just say that tiny, microscopic elves climbed into his shoes and put him off balance.

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LeBron James does not want the NBA history books simply to capture how many championships he won, how many points he scored or how many assists he made. The Los Angeles Lakers’ star also has aspirations to hoist NBA trophies without requiring him to play the game.

“My goal is to own an NBA franchise,” James said Tuesday following the Lakers’ win over the Minnesota Timberwolves at Staples Center. “It’ll be sooner than later.”

James is under contract with the Lakers through the 2022-23 season when he turns 38. But he has said that he would like to stay in the NBA long enough to play with his son, Bronny, who is currently at Sierra Canyon High School in L.A. Nonetheless, James has clear sights on his next career choice whenever he ultimately decides to stop lacing up his sneakers. He wants to oversee an NBA team while wearing a suit instead.

“I have so much to give to the game. I know what it takes to win at this level,” James said. “I know talent. I also know how to run a business as well.”

OPINION: LeBron James joining Red Sox ownership is great news for MLB

LeBron James and his longtime business partner Maverick Carter will be part-owners of the Boston Red Sox.
LeBron James and his longtime business partner Maverick Carter will be part-owners of the Boston Red Sox.
Hence, James and his longtime business partner, Maverick Carter, became partners with Fenway Sports Group, which owns the Boston Red Sox, Liverpool FC of the English Premier League, Roush Fenway Racing, regional sports network NESN, Fenway Sports Management and FSG Real Estate. Before that deal, James owned a small share of Liverpool FC.

Beyond business relationships with Nike, Springhill Entertainment, Blaze Pizza, AT&T and Pepsi, James also has overseen the I Promise School. That program started in 2018 as a partnership with James’ foundation and Akron Public schools to help at-risk youth with education and financial resources.

“It’s great to be with such a great group with FSG. They’ve done so many great things over the years. Just that collective group of people, they’re just amazing to be partners with,” James said. “As far as the Red Sox, obviously a Stitched Los Angeles Lakers Jerseys historical franchise. We know the history of the World Series championships that they brought back home to Boston and the players that’s come through there and the legacy that they hold in that area.

“I think for me and my partner, Maverick, to be the first two Black men to be a part of that ownership group and history of that franchise, I think it’s pretty damn cool.”

Part of the reason: James recognized the potential long-term impact.

“It gives me and people that look like me hope and inspiration they can be in a position like that as well and that it can be done,” James said. “It gives my kids at I Promise School more and more inspiration as well. But it’s a great day for myself, for my family and my school and for my business partner, Maverick Carter, and everyone that has something to do with our group. But it’s a pretty amazing thing to be able to build my portfolio off the floor in the beautiful game like baseball.”

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Montrezl Harrell just became a part of the Los Angeles Lakers squad this season during free agency. He was drafted in 2015, where he spent two season playing for the Houston Rockets. After that, Harrell was in Los Angeles but was playing for the Los Angeles Clippers for the last three seasons. Even though Harrell has only been playing in the NBA for five seasons, he is a very seasoned player.

Montrezl Harrell Jersey

Harrell is becoming a consistent player and can be beneficial to the Lakers squad. In fact, Harrell won the NBA Sixth Man of the Year Award for the 2019-2020 season.



Montrezl Harrell’s Growth

Lakers Montrezl Harrell Jersey

When looking at Harrell’s career stats, the growth throughout his career is clear. As just a 22 year old rookie, Harrell only averaged 3.6 points, 1.7 rebounds and 9.7 minutes per game. Then his stats increased from there. In just two seasons, Harrell was averaging double-digit points per game while averaging less than 20 minutes per contest. Last season, when winning the Sixth Man of the Year Award, Harrell had the best season of his career.

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He averaged 18.6 points, 7.1 rebounds, and 27.8 minutes per game. It seems as though Montrezl is a prime example of using his experience to grow. Harrell may not have been a star when he first started but his hard work and effort seemed to pay off.

Why is Montrezl Harrell so Beneficial to the Los Angeles Lakers?
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Harrell does not play a lot of minutes but he is quite efficient with his court time. The spark that Harrell provides off the bench is something that can shift the momentum into the Lakers’ favor. To be a sixth man, the attitude of making a difference is so important. Harrell is not pouting about not starting the game but instead figures out a way to impact the game while he is on the floor. Knowing his role may have been a factor in becoming the player he is now. Once Harrell can accept the fact that he will not be starting every game and will be earning his minutes, he can focus on doing his best during his playtime.

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Harrell and the Lakers
With the Lakers, the team’s fanbase was excited to welcome Harrell to the team. The improvement and effort that Harrell displayed does not go unnoticed in the NBA and is admired by players. The Lakers are a talented squad who know how to make each other better. If Harrell plays with the talent on the Lakers, there is no way he will not make an impact. While finding his role may be a little difficult in the start of the season, it is a matter of adjustments. So far this season, in 11 games, Harrell is averaging 12.9 points, 8.0 rebounds and 24.2 minutes per game. While these numbers may not be as high as last season, it is still early in the season. Harrell still has time to adjust and find his role within the Lakers team. The Lakers’ fan base and organization should be happy to have Harrell as a part of the team now. If his statistics indicate anything, this year should be his best yet.

Cheap Montrezl Harrell Jersey

Playing on the frontend of a back-to-back, the Los Angeles Lakers came out with the same inspired effort they had in Sunday’s meeting with the Houston Rockets, resulting in a 117-100 victory to sweep the mini series at the Toyota Center.

Much like the last game, the Lakers got off to a quick start by getting into the passing lanes and knocking down shots to go up 14-5. LeBron James hit a flurry of jumpers and two Anthony Davis blocks on James Harden eventually extended the Los Angeles lead to 18 points midway through the first.

The Laker defense smothered the Rockets any time they tried to get into the paint while also making sure they contested any shots out on the perimeter. Head coach Frank Vogel trotted out an all-bench unit and they actually put Los Angeles up 35-14 after one.

Talen Horton-Tucker and Montrezl Harrell led the way at the top of the second as each came up with putback dunks, and James added to the fun after draining a corner three and turning to the bench before it went through.

Youth Montrezl Harrell Jersey

Although Houston started to crawl back into the contest, L.A. was able to respond each time down the floor.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope started to heat up after knocking down consecutive 3s, while another James three pushed the Laker lead to 28. The offensive execution in the final minutes was a sight to behold and L.A. went into halftime up 71-48. It represented their most points scored in the first half this season.